Real Men do Ministry

The Bible explains that we have many teachers but few fathers. I was blessed to have a teaching father.  My father came to the United States from Belarus in 1917 during the Bolshevik Revolution. He had the deck stacked against him. His father was abusive. My dad left home at 15 years of age. He worked as a busboy and taught guitar lessons. He started college at the University of Illinois and graduated with a BA at 20 years of age. On the road to his purpose in life, my dad never took the off ramp, known as excuses.

Before the foundations of the world, I was pre-destined to be a leader. My father considered that as a Wolfson, I was born to be a leader. The thing that encourages me about my father is that he never allowed me to sit on the sidelines. Living in the David M. Wolfson home my father’s mission in life was to unfold my destiny to lead. I remember as a child my father took me to the offices of EF Hutton, a stock brokerage firm. This was in the days before the internet, Google or on-line trading. He taught me at age 5 how to begin to play the stock market – a gift I am incredibly grateful for. My dad was always looking for teaching moments, leading moments; he was a father-teacher. Whenever there was a conflict, my father told me to aggressively resolve it. Whenever there was an opportunity to lead others into their destiny, my father simply told me to lead. It’s in my DNA. I’m convinced that I am a servant leader today because of the influence of a conservative Jewish man who didn’t even know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Real men do ministry. My father didn’t realize it, but he was training me to be a servant leader. He was training me to help other people find their destiny. He was teaching me to be a father-teacher to more than just my own children. My life theme has been, “Live a legacy, leave a legacy.” Dad’s, if your spirit is alive in Christ Jesus, what kind of legacy are you imparting and leaving for your children? We can see in the book of Proverbs that fathers are called to teach their children (Proverbs 22:6.) It is very clear that Jewish fathers taught their sons to be proactive, not reactive; to take initiative, be motivated, make a difference, change their world, and help lead others into transformational living.  In the book of Proverbs sons are admonished over and over to not be swayed from their purpose by the prostitute, and not be diverted from their destiny by the love of money. Jesus personified the Proverbs.

When we look at the Kingdom of God today there are many gaps. The church is crying out for gap fillers. In essence, the church needs fathers – men who will stand in the gap, be counted and meet the needs. There is something supernatural that happens when a man not only serves Jesus, but leads others in the ways of the Lord.

The culture we are living in today has emasculated men. Men are portrayed in the media as dumb, lost and in need of a woman to tell them what to do, where to go and how to achieve it. For the first time in American history we have more females in medical school and law school than males. I’m not against females achieving their destiny; nevertheless, it’s a telltale sign when we see how many men are no longer standing up and being counted in the realm of leadership.

The church needs men who will stand up and take their rightful position in the Kingdom of God. Real men do ministry. I am convinced that when earthly fathers are in right relationship with their Heavenly Father we can bring a spirit of affirmation, confirmation and transformation to the young men and young women in our culture. There is something extraordinary that happens when a father leads others in the ways of the Lord. There is something supernatural that happens when a father speaks forth the praises and the Word of the living God. I encourage each and every man reading this InSight to recognize that you are important. You are a vital component of the Kingdom. You are a visual aid of the Heavenly Father on this side of eternity. When a child can see the presence of God in the life of a man of God – a father who is also a teacher – it can shape, form and mold their life on this side of eternity and beyond.

Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill