WOW! What does the word wow mean? In 1980 the Sonics won the NBA championship – wow! The Seattle Seahawks, unbelievable, they made it to the Super Bowl – wow! We also use the word when we propose to our bride-to-be. Wow, she actually said yes!

Did you know the word wow actually finds its roots in spirituality? It stands for “wonder of wonders.” How many wow moments do you have? I know at the birth of all five of my children there was a wonder of wonders – wow. Every time I lead someone to Jesus Christ it has never gotten old. It has never become routine for me. It is still, wow! In the middle of the night when I look at the woman who has lain next to me for 31 years who I call my wife, it is still fresh, it is still meaningful, it is still sacred, it is still wow.

Life is often mundane, routine, and systematic and yet we serve a God of the wow. How often do we reject the wow, neglect the wow and miss the wow? How exciting it is when you just barely get started sharing your authentic faith with someone, and they almost immediately ask what they must do to be saved? That is your wow moment. When one of your children bows their knee to Jesus and begins to walk in the foreordained works that God has established before the foundations of the world, that is the ultimate wow!

God has designed wow moments for you and for me. Wonder of wonders! That’s why the Bible speaks of how God saves people through signs and wonders. God captures or arrests our attention through wonder of wonders. Moments that make people look at us and say, I wonder why he is different from me? What is it about her that causes me to desire what she has? The fact that God lives in our earthen vessels is what we call a wow reality – a wonder of wonders. What is there in your life that people are wondering about in a supernatural way? What would happen if you would connect with what God has designed for you to walk in – that which God has called you to? How many people would look at you and say, “wow?”

Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill