Meet Our Lead Pastor

Bill has been pastoring since 1979. He was raised on the south side of Chicago in a Jewish home. His wife, Marj grew up in British Columbia in a Mennonite home. Their five children are affectionately known as ‘Jewmenites’.

Bill has a passion to see people come to know Christ. He does not feel God has called him to make decisions, but that He has called him to make disciples. Discipleship is Bill’s number one priority. Bill’s fresh and non-religious approach to scripture disarms his audience. He is a firm believer that humor is an anesthetic that the Holy Spirit uses so that He might do surgery.

Bill has served at CFAN since 1989. There are three things that Bill insists on bringing to every message he communicates:

1. Who is Christ?
2. What does the Word require of us?
3. How do we apply this to our lives?

Bill has been quoted as saying, “If you take Jesus out of my message, there is no longer value in anything I am saying.” Bill’s focus is not motivational preaching. It is his conviction that the lazy need to be motivated. He is a principle and core-value driven pastor who believes that when people have genuine convictions that they believe are worth dying for, you will not have to motivate them to do what is right. When Bill preaches the Word, his primary focus is to compel people to have a soft heart. Hard hearts separate us from God and one another; soft hearts allow us to fulfill our God-given destiny.

Bill met the Lord on March 14, 1977, while attending law school in the Chicago area. He immediately pursued his call to full time ministry. Bill’s passion and zeal for Jesus has not dissipated through the years, it has intensified.

Bill Wolfson

Lead Pastor

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